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We are experienced in the safe delivery and shipments of those various and specific equipment and machinery for renewable energy manufacturers and construction companies, for those different projects in renewable energy development and waste management projecting, including waste processing equipment, garbage sorting and waste picking-in rubbish machinery, biogas and biofuel producing equipment, solar power and wind power equipment and installations, wind turbine generator parts, such as nacelle, tower, foundation, rotor blades, wind generator, power cables and transformers.

Logistics Integration Systems specializes in the segment of the safe delivery oversized and heavyweight cargoes for a number of different sectors within the industry. Thanking to such a multi-faceted learning from years of successful experience our LIS Team has accumulated a unique portfolio of the competencies in working about oversized and heavyweight equipment and machinery, including all those shipments under the very specific conditions requirements for route planning, transportation, rigging and safety to fulfil ourselves.

We offer a full range of such a delivery service for those specific shipments, along with our professional and helpful processing of the papers to represent, special of high-quality packaging and protection services, including those are required the very special care and specific transport authorizations. Our professional approach, thorough understanding and high level of responsibility are the result to prove our ability to be recognized at the one of the leading forwarding and transportation Company in the region, the one who guarantees the most complex project cargo to deliver.