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Multimodal transportation uses multiply modes and types of the vehicles, so are the most complex and the most critical to get responsible within the industry.

multimodal transfers

Those modern multimodal transportation operations may include and consist of those all, so, such as maritime, aviation, road and rail transportation in one, and, in various combinations. The main objectives of international multimodal transport aims to minimizing transportation costs and shortening delivery times.

With those many years of long-term practice, Logistics Integration Systems in cooperation with reliable transport service providers allows us to develop and select optimal routes, clearly coordinate all stages of delivery, and transport delivery on exactly reduced costs of any cargo on time.

By arranging all stages of shipment, our experts and professionals are capable of dealing effectively and efficiently with all necessary cargo security measures and stay within the time limits as well:

  • carry out control and supervision on cargo integrity;
  • take immediate actions in case of force majeure;
  • operative re-routing changes along the way;
  • temporary storage arrangements;
  • customs clearance and customs formalities processing;
  • continuous monitoring of cargo location.