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LIS is the logistics company, specializing in safe delivery of those many project cargoes and of any type of the out-of-gauge cargo /oversized cargoes as well and it has significant experience in logistics since 2010.

Each cargo has its own specific characteristics, so, requires an individual approach and a competent combined examination of those various means of shipment to ensure optimal safe delivery conditions on time. We are always aware of the most diverse issues of logistics activity at the international, regional and local levels. Such an approach enables us to foresee and to face every difficulty within the delivery process with the maximum efficiency. We can have all our Customers ensured that your cargo will be delivered within the shortest time and at the minimum cost.

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We love what we do here and we strive to ensure that absolutely every customer of our company will be fully satisfied by the quality of our services. We take responsibility for the most difficult tasks and safely deliver the cargoes to the most distant points of the globe. You can totally ely on our expertise and ingenuity, so, being the professionals. Be sure, your cargo will be safely delivered on time.

Vitaly Stadub

Head of OOG logistics


We can have all our Customers ensured that your cargo will be delivered within the shortest time and at the minimum cost. Every one of our team is fully understands the highest importance of the working process and committed to achieving the desired results in our daily routine with professional care.


Following the provisions of the Code of Logistics we guarantee our service to be provided at the highest quality and efficiency level. Logistics Integration Systems is proud of its ability to provide the full range of those integrated approaches and innovative logistics solutions, which help our Customers in achieving success in their business.


We are focused on the safe delivery to the right place and on time. This includes developing of the most optimal delivery routes, taking into account different transport conditions and cargo security.


We are perfectly aware that time is of utmost importance in logistics. Therefore, we anticipate to to avoid time losses on the route, so, the delivery time is always under our special control and under strict supervision. We control the quality of the provided services thoroughly.


We guarantee, that ordered goods will be dispatched and safely delivered on time. We carefully control the storage and the safety of the cargo within the delivery period, and, for sure, we successfully keep using the most innovative techniques to achieve that.


We also ensure all of the cargo being safely delivered strongly in the line of the terms stated. Depending on the delivery type and options, those transport platforms, fastenings and special packaging materials are carefully selected, and, special monitoring and control regimes are applied to meet the respective requirements.


We strive to offer our Customers the best value for quality and money for their specific needs. To this end, we keep continuous monitoring analysing by means of statistical analysis of logistics technologies, methods and market itself to optimize costs of delivery.


We offer to our Customers the only complete and exact information on the status of freight and its’ realistic location. We use state-of-the-art tracking and communication systems to ensure transparency and timeliness in the exchange of information.


We value each of our customers, we aim to meet all the requirements and their needs, and, we are implementing our best, so, act as productive as possible to fulfil our tasks. We always take pride in a variety of innovative solutions, are based on flexible approach and diverse and rich experience in logistics.

Our certificates

In our daily work, we strive to comply with various international standards. The company is an active member of international professional associations. We constantly improve our level, regularly receiving new certificates of conformity and licenses.


Certificate of Professional Competence


Merchant Certificate from the Commercial Register


European Union license for international freight transportation


Certificate of Professional Compliance


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