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From Norway to Kazakhstan

Multimodal delivery project of the Overaasen TV 750 snow plow machine from Norway to Kazakhstan.

From Lithuania to Kyrgyzstan

Project delivery of the extra large oversized heavy duty machine tools from port of Klaipeda, Lithuania to Bishkek, Kyrgyzsta

From Italy to Russia

Multimodal delivery and optimization of the Caffini Striker self-propelled sprayers from Italy to the Russian Federation.

From Germany to Kazakhstan

Shipment as the delivery of the Bosch water heating boilers from Germany to Kazakhstan.

Shipping from Sweden

Fast order processing, prompt and efficient delivery Epiroc Drill Rig Easer L with its own weight of 37 tons from Sweden

From UK to Russia

Project of delivery of a Holmer beet combine harvester from the United Kingdom to Russia

From Belgium to Latvia

Shipment as the delivery of the heavyweight spare parts from Belgium for the locomotives repair plant facilities in Latvia

Shipping from Austria

Multimodal delivery of a reciprocating compressor with its own weight of 45 tons from Austria

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