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Our duly trained and certified in accordance to the ISO standardization system representative, so, the one who processes Company’s development and implementation of its ISM, TQM, SMS MODULES of the Quality system, so, an expert in that field of sustainable improvement and environmental safety , human life safety and occupational safety professional, so, the one who provides and processes all the necessary documentation of its, LIS Integrated Management System Company, its Quality Management System and International Safety Management code, and stays on the grounds to develop, promote and implement standards-based and compatible technologies and processes within the industry, based on the requirements of those standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 и ISO 45001, i.e. Company IMS Quality system in place, which consists of the Company policies, strategies, procedures, training, implementation, monitoring and reporting parts and modules.

LIS Projects provides all necessary documentation, develops and processes everything required to stay in compliance with those all global and local legislation requirements for safe operations. We are responsible for the development, processing and providing the servicing in those external auditing and consultancy activities of the Company, so, maintaining those required ISO certificates by a particular ISO standardized Company.

Our special service includes such an ISO audit as our professional consultancy as an activity that companies need to have in place in order to conduct and to evaluate, confirm, and verify their processes and procedures, related to the quality, security and safety of the products and services, they offer and provide, so to prove and ensure their Customers and Clients, that the companies are able to ensure the management system has been effectively implemented. We arrange and support our employees’ being duly trained and skilled to maintain and keep up the high level of their competence, knowledge and area of expertise, so, their being self-prepared to act as an independent and proactive worker, and, at the same time to be the one who can also work in a team essential of LIS Projects Company.