OOG reliable since 2010


Our experienced consultants, with extensive knowledge and information on hand, are capable to offer and arrange best freight forwarding of any kind of cargoes.


Our being responsible for the freight forwarding and servicing exempt our Clients from those all formalities to arrange, control and monitor the process itself, significantly saves customer’s time and money:

  • processing and arranging of the accompanying papers in support;
  • cargo safe handling and warehousing service control and monitoring;
  • proper loading and unloading procedures control and monitoring;
  • the preferred and approved transportation route monitoring;
  • safe cargo transportation mode and security measures;
  • customs clearance and customs formalities support and arrangements;
  • continuous reporting and monitoring of your cargo location;
  • safe cargo delivery for every Client on “from the door to door” mode of transportation;
  • handling those any issues that arise in the process of the freight forwarding.