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We assume the whole responsibility for the process of transportation being responsible for the safe delivery at each single stage.


Container transportation – is the most reliable and convenient way to transport goods over long distances by using multiple modes of transportation as a part of a comprehensive service under a single contract. In this connection there is a significant number of nuances, that need to be considered in order to get self-prepared in advance to ensure safe, reliable and timely delivery. Our experts and team of the professionals are capable to take all responsibilities and risks on the container cargo delivery:

  • developing of a wide variety of the logistic schemes of freight forwarding;
  • расчет стоимости, включая страхование груза;
  • calculating freight cost, including cargo insurance;
  • processing and arranging of the accompanying papers in support;
  • customs clearance and customs formalities support and arrangements, getting approvals from controlling authorities;
  • cargo re-packing and warehousing, in-port forwarding;
  • loading and unloading handling, container sealing procedure;
  • unloading of a container and cargo delivery procedure to the consignee warehouse;
  • return of empty container to the shipper.