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Ocean going ships let us have various oversized and heavyweight cargoes at the longest distance globally, from continent to continent. However, we are to keep in mind, that not all ports allow an ocean-going vessel to enter for a number of reasons, including technological ones. We can and will arrange an ocean-going vessel charter to deliver your cargo to any convenient port worldwide.

sea shipping

Delivery service of cargoes by ro-ro ships and ferries allows us to transport rolling loads or wheelbase loads, so, self-driven ones. It is a convenient and an efficient way as an option to deliver cars, construction and agricultural equipment and machinery, special vehicles and other oversized cargoes that can be loaded and unloaded with special equipment (cranes, etc) at the port facilities.

Inland waterway barge chartering is an economically profitable and environment friendly option to deliver the cargo. We offer our services on chartering river ships of different displacement and size, and, we also specialized in the transportation for profitable delivery of cargoes on the extensive network of inland waterways throughout the Europe.

Logistics Integration Systems will provide an individual approach to each its customer and pay its special and professional attention to those all details and cargo deliveries on waterways, including those long-range lines as the part on the routes, involving other types and modes of transportation. We have got an extensive experience in international and regional on-water shipment and will ensure safe delivery of your cargo on the best of all and most optimal route.